📍 Network Trips from Holland 🇳🇱

Small group tours for startup founders, tech professionals and other creatives. Starting every Sat and Sun from your doorstep in Holland ✨

One-Day Experiences

A day-long experience: we start in the morning and finish at night, but in terms of impressions, it feels like a week! 😍

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Zeeland Networking Trip: For Founders, Techies & Other Creatives



6 reasons to try our network trips ❤️

  • 01.

    Meet New Friends. Our community is full of young tech experts and creatives from everywhere. Every trip is a chance to meet people and start great friendships!

  • 02.

    No Boring Tours. Forget typical tours of tourist spots or history lectures. Our trips are like road trips with friends — full of fun and smiles.

  • 03.

    Relax. We Handle the Planning. We pick you up at your door in the morning and bring you back at night. We take care of everything on the trip. Just relax and be inspired.

  • 04.

    Escape the Routine. Each day-long trip feels like a week's adventure, leaving you inspired and energized. You'll come back home with new ideas to tackle daily challenges.

  • 05.

    Achieve Your Goals. We start every trip with intros. Everyone shares their story and a big challenge they're facing. Often, there's someone in the group who can offer help.

  • 06.

    Discover True Hidden Gems. With our minivan, we easily reach places beyond public transport's reach. You'll see far more with us than by train or bus.

NetworkTrips is the best way to spend your weekend 😍

NetworkTrips inspire you, help you meet new friends, and make dreams come true ❤️


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