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Sea, sand beaches, castles, fairy-tale towns, local wine, and oysters 🌊

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Summary 🍪

Hey 👋 This is Nick, the startup founder and ex-IT project manager at IKEA HQ. I am originally from Ukraine and moved to the Netherlands in 2017. I am absolutely in love with 4 things: 1️⃣ Building innovative companies 2️⃣ Traveling 3️⃣ The Netherlands 4️⃣ Inspiring other people by showing them some hidden gems. This is why I've launched so-called 'network trips' — where networking, meeting new people, making new friends, or establishing new business connections go hand in hand with travel. Every week, I'm grabbing a 9-seat van and gathering a cool company of 8 inspiring internationals from tech, startup, and creative industries, or those who are aiming to join the tribe. Together, we're exploring hidden gems around Amsterdam, getting acquainted, learning stories of each other, and just spending time in a fun and joyful way. Hundreds of expats from around the Randstad have tried network trips, including co-workers from Holland's top-tier tech companies — Booking.com, Uber, Zoom, Miro, JetBrains, and many others. Now, it’s time to embark on this journey with you! Book your journey, and I’ll pick you up in the morning at your doorstep for an exciting adventure that will create many happy moments, new friends, connections, and impressions that will last for many weeks ahead.

Trip Program ⏱

Day 1 - Full Programme

9:00 — Pickup from your door or focal point

In the morning I will wake up bright and early and whip round the Randstad and pick you all up from your front door ❤️ Depending on your particular address, I'll aim to pick you up around 9am. However the closer you are to our destination point, then the later I will head to your house. The exact time will be fixed when the whole group has been formed. A typical order is as follows. First I'll head to Amsterdam, then Haarlem, Leiden, and The Hague. If you live in Utrecht or Rotterdam, I'd kindly ask you to arrive to one of the destinations on our way.


10:00 — Introducing the royal breakfast at the palace with a peacock

Do not eat breakfast before traveling. As before leaving Holland, we will stop by a restaurant in the courtyard of one of the oldest castles in the country. It was first mentioned back in 1226! Throughout history, the castle has never been sold and been passed from generation to generation. We'll get to know each other better over breakfast and share our individual stories ❤️ After breakfast, we will walk around the property and look at the sophisticated castle built right in the middle of the pond. We'll try and find some tame peacocks as the family of birds move freely around the estate.


11:00 — Wassenaar: The Netherland's most wealthy suburb

Many consider the Netherlands to be a middle-class country. This is true, but getting rich here isn't outlawed. We even have our own Beverly Hills with luxurious mansions and collectible cars in the parking lot. Nearby is the palace where the royal family lives. We will pass through the most interesting streets of Wassenaar, visit the grounds of two castles here and be dazzled but the wealth of old and new.


13:00 — Holland-Zeeland border at the impressive Brouwersdam levee

After a one-hour drive, we will finally end up on the very border of two Dutch provinces: South Holland and Zeeland. The first acquaintance with Zeeland will be truly epic: a huge levee, which gives mind more to a desert than a levee, with sand from the coast, blown by the wind directly onto the roadway. A house on wooden stilts struts out of the water - just like in "Nights in Rodanthe" and buggies criss-cross along the beach - a very peculiar and special sport that is typical for this part of the North Sea coast. We will make a short stop to breathe in the salty air and walk through the incredible scenery.


14:00 — Local Zeeland Family Winery Tasting

Just 20 minutes from the Zeelandian border is a small family winery "De Kleine Schorre". In total, about 50 thousand bottles of white wine are produced here annually. The local wine is especially tasty, fruity and aromatic due to the fact that historically the soil at this winery was at the bottom of the ocean - it was drained only a few centuries ago. As a result, the soil is saturated with minerals, thanks to which the grapes are especially suitable for winemaking. Although the winery is quite small and has retained the charm of locality and family, there is a cosy restaurant where we will arrange a tasting of all sorts of wines with you. I am always pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wine here - one of the most beloved varieties of European white wine 'Auxerois' is produced here. And the products of local winemakers have received a number of awards. KLM chose this Zeelandic winery as the exclusive supplier for wine on board its aircraft. Definitely a must to visit! 🍷


16:00 — Everything Oysters

40 minutes after the end of our tour of the winery, we will arrive at another special place, this time on the neighbouring island - the oyster village of Yerseke. It is called oyster because even 150 years ago, local residents here massively engaged in the production of oysters. In the centre of the village, on the very shore of the salty bay, there is a large pool, in which dozens of houses - oyster farms - stand on stilts. Most of them have restaurants. We will stop by one of the best restaurants in terms of value for money to sample the local Zeeland oysters. By the way, they turn out to be incredibly tasty - after all, the Zeelandian climate is especially suitable for these shellfish 😍


18:00 — Middelburg - the Capital of Zeeland

Less than 30 minutes from the oyster farm is the capital of Zealand is the city of Middleburg. Middleburg is the smallest provincial capital in the Netherlands with just under 50,000 people. Despite its size, Middleburg is a true hidden gem. The city looks richer and more well-groomed than many other Dutch cities. It appears as aristocratic, fit, smart - like from the picture. But the highlight of Middleburg, from my point of view, is its preserved old medieval quarters with narrow cobblestone streets, where you feel like you are in the middle of a medieval fairy-tale!


19:30 — Head off home 🏡

Travel time to Rotterdam is only an hour and a half. Amsterdam is two and a half. We will try to get home before 10 pm. On the way back, we exchange impressions and post tons of photos and videos from the trip on social networks. By the way, if you make a comment or a post, tell us about your impressions on Instagram and tag our @networktrips.io account - we will send you a promo code with a discount for your next trip 😉 See you next time!

Cost Breakdown 💰

Total cost

  • Minivan Rental

  • Fuel (We will need a whole Tank)

  • Overheads, Coordination


The Price quoted is per person. There will be no more than 8 travellers in the group.

What's included?

All travel and Localie

What's excluded?

Food and Drink

Reviews ❤️


(5 reviews)

Zoya Yu
Zoya Yu
19 June 2023

Amazing journey

Lena Kiryushina
Lena Kiryushina
5 June 2023

Nick is just a perfect localie! ♥️ Thanks for that day and experience!

Grigory Zaripov
Grigory Zaripov
28 May 2023

Everything was great, I would have another one trip and I already have recommended this localie to friends

Daria Krymova
Daria Krymova
13 March 2023

It was an amazing trip! We not only found out beautiful places with marvelous stories, but also got new acquaintances. Thanks a lot, Nick!

Arsen Ibragimov
Arsen Ibragimov
16 August 2021


The Trip's Host

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The Co-Founder of Localie and networktrips.io

I'm truly a world citizen, and explaining my origin is challenging. Born and raised in Ukraine, I moved to Russia at 13 due to my parents' relocation. I never felt at home in Russia, but I did find good friends and tons of inspiration there. Fueled by a constant dream to leave Russia, I embraced the identity of a world citizen. At 20, I spent four months in the USA on an internship program, living in OBX, North Carolina. High five if you know what I'm talking about 😉 After university, I bega...


Getting to Know Your New Home: Delft 🏰



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